Sharing Minecraft Seeds

30 Dec 2013 -

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time, and for good reason. The classic is packed with virtually endless amounts of gameplay, allows players to open up their imaginations to create almost any world they can dream up, and provides a framework for players to link up with friends in the […]

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Biggest Domain Name Sales of 2013

23 Dec 2013 -

Owning a domain name is much like owning a house. Just as a home defines a person’s territory and identity, a domain name does the same. A domain name is the identification of a business or individual on the Internet. With more and more individuals turning to the Internet nowadays for information and purchasing decisions, […]

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Top Domain Registrars

16 Dec 2013 -

In order to build a website, the first thing one must do is register a domain. This provides a site’s personal URL or online address, and this is what enables people to find the site on the web. For this purpose, a reputable registrar is needed. This may be the same company from where web […]

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IPv4 Address Depletion

9 Dec 2013 -

The end of the IPv4 addresses has been anticipated since the birth of the internet, with the transition to IPv6 addresses scheduled early on. The reason the IPv4 addresses are phased out is because there are a limited number of IPv4 addresses for hosting or the domain name, so the new IP address sequence will […]

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New Domain Name Extensions

2 Dec 2013 -

As the Internet grows, so does the need for new and unique domain names. As of January 2014, an entirely new selection of generic top level domain names (gTLDs) will become available to the general public for use at a rate of approximately 10 new extensions per week. Since 2012, when the Internet Corporation for […]

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