16 Dec 2013

In order to build a website, the first thing one must do is register a domain. This provides a site’s personal URL or online address, and this is what enables people to find the site on the web. For this purpose, a reputable registrar is needed. This may be the same company from where web hosting is sold or it can be a separate company. While web hosts are crucial for issues such as website status and whether a site is down or not, registrars are needed to register domain names in the first place.

Both web hosting and a registrar should be chosen very carefully. They will both have a serious impact on factors like security and site status. Website status refers to whether a site is down or not. Many visitors to a site are not going to bother to come back if a website status isn’t consistent. That’s why it’s crucial to work with a trustworthy hosting company.

The following are among the top registrars in the world. Some of these also provide other services as well. Keep in mind that the domain name is only the first step in establishing a strong presence on the web. One also needs a site with reliable website status and that has an appealing layout to visitors.

1. Namecheap

This is a popular and experienced company that provides a variety of online services. They are, however, best known for offering reasonable domain name registrations. Not only are their everyday prices reasonable, but they also offer many special deals and discounts. It’s often possible, for example, to find Namecheap coupons on the web that offer savings of 10% or more. On occasion, it’s even possible to find truly spectacular deals, such as the chance to register .com, .net or .org domain names for as little as $1.

When choosing a company, however, it’s necessary to consider more than just the price. Namecheap has a good reputation for providing solid customer service. They are not difficult to get in touch with, and they are efficient at resolving any problems or issues that are faced by customers. They also offer web hosting, though they aren’t as well known for this. Since this is not their specialty, they may not be the best choice in this area. It’s best to choose a company where issues such as site status and whether the site is going to be down or not aren’t constant concerns.

Another benefit offered by Namecheap is that they provide a free year of domain privacy. This is something that most registrars charge extra for. The first year of this service is free, but after that the usual annual fee applies.

2. DreamHost

This is a company that has a good reputation both as a registrar and as a web host. People looking to start their first website can purchase hosting with DreamHost and get a free domain with their order. Many companies offer this for a single year, but with DreamHost the domain registration is free as long as the customer keeps the hosting plan. This adds up to an annual savings of approximately $10.

DreamHost is set up to seamlessly integrate all of their services. People who already have a web host with whom they are satisfied can simply use DreamHost to register domain names. However, anyone seeking a reliable web host that provides a variety of features and that will help them maintain their site status, DreamHost is worth trying. This eliminates the problem of worrying if a site is going to be down or not.

3. GoDaddy

This company is worth mentioning even though it is controversial in some ways. That is, some people highly recommend it while others detest it. The reason it’s so popular is that it’s one of the world’s largest and most high profile companies offering many different web related services.

With GoDaddy, it’s possible to not only register domains and host their sites, but also to access many other tools such as auctions and website promotion services. when it comes to domains, it’s often possible to get a low price for registrations. This is another company that frequently offers coupons that allow customers to get exceptionally good prices on domain registrations.

Since GoDaddy is a very experienced company and has vast resources at its disposal, it’s usually fairly reliable when it comes to things like site status and customer service. The reason some people don’t like them is that they are very aggressive about promoting themselves and once customers get on their mailing list they can expect to receive multiple emails from them daily.

Costs, Reliable Website Status and Other Features Are All Important 

When picking companies for website related services, one must consider things like budget, the company’s reputation and what services are offered. Some companies offer attractive all-in-one packages, while others are more specialized.

Keep in mind that many factors come into play when it comes to a website’s success or failure. Aside from choosing a good domain name, site status and whether a site is down or not are extremely critical. Researching a company carefully can ensure that the right choice is made.