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Troubleshooting Guide
These tips should help you narrow down any issue you are having accessing a website and determine whether or not it's you or the site.
  • Are you typing the domain correctly? This may seem obvious, but sometimes it's the smallest mistakes that make the difference!
  • Try accessing another website. If you can't, most likely the issue has to do with your Internet connection and not the website.
  • Try using another device or connection. If the website works when you try to access it from your phone or another computer, that's probably a sign something is wrong with your computer.
  • Check your settings or software. Sometimes you may not be able to access a site because of your browser settings or some software (browser plug-ins or anti-virus) that is blocking the connection.
  • If none of these tips have helped you, write a comment below outlining your problem with the website so others can help you!
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